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City of Toronto Building Permits City of Toronto Building Permits

A Building Permit is your formal permission from the City of Toronto to begin construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property.

Residential FASTRACK Residential FASTRACK

Residential FASTRACK is a building permit service for certain types of home renovation projects in existing houses with one or two units. Previously, this service was available a half-day each week in Toronto's district offices. It is now available all day, every business day, at each of the four district offices.

Town of Markham Building Permits Town of Markham Building Permits

Building permit applications are received by Application Administrators at the building counter. The applicant may be a homeowner, engineer, architect, owner, developer, commercial or industrial tenant or a member of the public.

City of Pickering Building Permits City of Pickering Building Permits

A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction or demolition. It means that the City of Pickering has approved plans for any new structure, addition or renovation. Approved plans must comply with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning by-laws, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Building in Canada Building in Canada

Building an addition to your home? Adding a fence or deck?  Planning a renovation, interior or exterior, for your home or place of business?  Planning a new construction project, a new home, store or restaurant?  Here's your answer to Building Codes, The Permit System, and Building Departments in Canada.

FreeEd.Net - Building Construction & Finishing FreeEd.Net - Building Construction & Finishing

The building of any structure is described by a set of related drawings that give the Builder a complete, sequential, graphic description of each phase of the construction process. In most cases, a set of drawings begins by showing the location ........